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Dashboard Creation using PowerBI

What learn

  • Introduction to PowerBI Overview of Microsoft Power BI and its features Understanding Power BI Desktop and Power BI...
  • PowerBI Tables Creating tables in Power BI Desktop Importing data into Power BI tables from various sources Formatt...
  • Matrix and Cards Introduction to matrix and card visuals in Power BI Creating matrix and card visuals to summarize d...
  • Slicers and Filters Using slicers and filters for data analysis and exploration Applying slicers and filters to visu...
  • Graphical Representation of Data Understanding different types of charts and graphs available in Power BI Creating b...
  • Trend Analysis and Forecasting Performing trend analysis on historical data using Power BI Applying forecasting tech...
  • Dashboard Creation Designing and building dashboards in Power BI Desktop Combining multiple visuals into a cohesive...


  • Clarity of Purpose , Target Audience , Content Structure , Learning Objectives , Depth and Complexity , Engagement and Interactivity , Visual Aids and Illustrations


Course Overview: Welcome to "Dashboard Creation using PowerBI," where you'll learn how to harness the power of Microsoft Power BI to transform raw data into insightful and visually appealing dashboards. In this course, you'll explore the full spectrum of Power BI functionalities, from data import and transformation to visualization design and dashboard publishing. Through hands-on exercises and real-world examples, you'll develop the skills and techniques needed to create dynamic dashboards that drive data-driven decision-making. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced data analyst, this course will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to unleash the full potential of your data through compelling dashboards.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the fundamentals of data visualization and dashboard design principles.
  • Learn how to import, clean, and transform data using Power BI Desktop.
  • Master various visualization techniques to effectively communicate insights.
  • Explore advanced features of Power BI, including DAX calculations and custom visuals.
  • Develop practical skills in dashboard creation, formatting, and interactivity.
  • Publish and share dashboards securely using Power BI Service.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI

  • Overview of Power BI ecosystem
  • Understanding Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service
  • Getting started with data visualization concepts

Module 2: Data Preparation with Power BI Desktop

  • Connecting to data sources
  • Data transformation and cleaning techniques
  • Query Editor overview

Module 3: Visualization Basics

  • Introduction to Power BI visuals
  • Creating basic charts and graphs
  • Formatting options and best practices

Module 4: Advanced Visualization Techniques

  • Working with custom visuals and customizing visualizations
  • Using slicers and filters for interactivity
  • Implementing drill-down and drill-through features

Module 5: Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

  • Understanding DAX syntax and functions
  • Creating calculated columns and measures
  • Implementing common DAX calculations

Module 6: Building Interactive Dashboards

  • Designing dashboard layouts
  • Adding interactivity with filters and bookmarks
  • Implementing dynamic visuals and conditional formatting

Module 7: Data Modeling and Relationships

  • Understanding data modeling concepts in Power BI
  • Establishing relationships between data tables
  • Managing relationships and cardinality

Module 8: Data Insights and Storytelling

  • Identifying trends and patterns in data
  • Crafting compelling data stories
  • Presenting insights effectively using Power BI dashboards

Module 9: Collaboration and Publishing

  • Sharing dashboards securely with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Collaborating on datasets and reports in Power BI Service
  • Power BI workspace overview

Module 10: Final Project: Dashboard Creation

  • Applying skills learned throughout the course to create a comprehensive dashboard project
  • Presenting and sharing final dashboard project with peers for feedback and review

Conclusion: Congratulations on completing "Dashboard Creation using PowerBI"! You've gained valuable skills and knowledge that will enable you to create impactful dashboards that drive data-driven decision-making in your organization. Keep exploring and experimenting with Power BI, and remember that the possibilities for data visualization and analysis are endless!

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